You want to change the exterior look of your home? The material in place is old and the exterior cladding now needs to be changed? So be it! Sylca Construction professionals are your #1 choice to complete this work!

If you already have the necessary material, we can install it for you. If that’s not the case, we have access to all the new exterior cladding products available on the market: brick, wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, treated wood, and concrete. Choose your dream style and we’ll do the rest.

Sylca can also make various changes and additions to your home. Whether it’s for cornices, gutters, changing the roof, installing soffit or fascia or adding a steel door in your entrance, we’re there!

You’re building your new home yourself? We can give you a hand to install the framework (shell) of your house and everything related to its exterior.

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The first thing people see is the exterior of your home. It’s normal to want to make installations or repairs that will add to its curb appeal. The outside cladding can say a lot about the current owners.

Whether you decide on a wooden or vinyl exterior, the Sylca team will work to do justice to the greatness of the material used by carefully installing it. Here are a few examples of exterior cladding installation and renovation work that we have recently completed.

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