Calling on Sylca Construction for your home’s framework is accessing a professional team that includes a carpenter specialized in the various types of standard and traditional assemblies (anchored tenon mortise, Jupiter trait and dovetail).

Whether it’s work for a new home, a self-construction, the addition of trusts or beams or the creation of a mezzanine, garage or shed, we can help.

You want framework with a unique and apparent style? Traditional carpentry is perfect for you! This construction technique meshes tradition, aesthetics and authenticity. Wood, presented in all its splendour, will provide warmth and comfort while adding a touch of nobility to your decor.

We can work with your architect to create the framework that will give your home exceptional curb appeal. Or, we can refer trustworthy experts to develop your project plans.

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Our experience and diligence show when the framework is well done. Your guests will get to admire quality work completed by a passionate team. Choosing Sylca Construction for your home’s framework is ensuring that all the resources necessary are on hand to execute your construction project.

Discover some of the residential framework completed over the last few years. The style you’re thinking of isn’t there? Let’s discuss your project and see how we can make it happen together!

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