Think of Sylca Construction for all your concrete work and formwork needs. Our experience in the industrial and commercial field allows us to offer quality work that is carried out properly.

We know and apply all standards regarding concrete work and formwork to offer a safe environment and results that meet your expectations. Whether it’s for low walls, sidewalks, concrete breakage, housekeeping pads or to anchor your equipment, concrete work and formwork are part of our everyday lives!

Given that formwork is at the basis of your project, we can offer high-performance options such as insulation formwork, which will be efficient, resistant, and fire and noise-proof. This is the perfect solution for a commercial or industrial building that will house your employees and/or merchandise!

By sharing your project with us, we can advise you on the best materials to use and the most effective method, which will allow you to move on to the next step of your work quickly.

Latest Achievements

You have concrete work or formwork to complete? Know that the Sylca Construction team is the reference in the commercial and industrial field.

We have completed the following for our clients: standard formwork, insulating formwork, waterproof foundation, low walls, sidewalks or slabs, etc. If you have a specific need, we can most certainly help you!

This section includes some of our latest achievements completed for commercial and industrial businesses in Montreal, Montérégie and the Eastern Townships.

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