Excavating, regardless of the project, requires specific expertise and proper equipment. It’s much more complex work. The work is completed by qualified and experienced professionals and complies with city standards to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

Whether it’s for general excavation work, to install a sanitary sewer, expand your home, or install concrete slabs of various sizes, our team can get the job done. We study the plans carefully to avoid damaging any underground services, before digging at your preferred location.

We take control of your project while ensuring safe work during the installation of French drains, a foundation, a waterproof membrane or exterior insulation, a sidewalk or a wheelchair ramp.

Sylca Construction is a trusted ally for your residential excavation project!

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There are various reasons to excavate a parcel of residential land. Whether it’s to implement a new construction or to improve or expand an existing part, our team knows what’s involved. We have the team and resources necessary to face both small and large work.

See for yourself the result of these residential excavations that were completed by our team!

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