Calling on Sylca Construction to complete your project is ensuring quality work that complies with residential construction standards.

We take our clients’ investment very seriously and that’s why we adapt to their budget. We’ll never suggest a more expensive material that will increase your project’s overall cost. We can work with your architect and designer or refer trusted professionals. We provide advice and you decide.


More specifically, we’re the best choice as contractor for any work related to:


You want to expand your home but hesitate to do so? The Sylca team can help you identify various options by advising you on what can be done. The city in which you live has issued you a permit? Perfect! We can set up the project you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

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Calling on Sylca Construction for your home’s framework is accessing a professional team that includes a carpenter specialized in the various types of standard and traditional assemblies (anchored tenon mortise, Jupiter trait and dovetail).

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Whether it’s for standard formwork, insulating formwork or a waterproof foundation, we can advise you according to the construction or renovation work you want to do.

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Excavating, regardless of the project, requires specific expertise and proper equipment. It’s much more complex work. The work is completed by qualified and experienced professionals and complies with city standards to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.

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This idea has been haunting your thoughts ever since you flipped through that magazine or watched that TV show on renovations? Your head is filled with projects when you look at the rooms in your house and the list of renovations to make to it keeps on growing?

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Exterior Cladding

You’re building your new home yourself? We can give you a hand to install the framework (shell) of your house and everything related to its exterior.

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Various grants and tax credits are offered to individuals who decide to invest in home renovation and construction work.

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You want to complete part of the work yourself?

No problem. We can do the rest. For a flat hourly rate, our team can even come to you with its equipment to maintain and service renovations that have already been done.

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