Given that the structure of your home plays a big role in its soundness, Sylca offers various types of formwork for your project to shape the concrete as desired.

While standard formwork definitely offers the best price on the market, insulated formwork, which looks like a big Lego block, is set up by our carpenters. With an inner frame and CR-50 insulation, it definitely offers better quality than the standard formwork. It’s the best on the market, saves energy and is fire and noise-resistant.

We can install a waterproof foundation, which consists in setting up slabs with a special membrane. This is a great option if your home is located near a body of water.

With quality formwork, your home construction, renovation or expansion project will have the required base to be successful!

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Whether it’s for standard formwork, insulating formwork or a waterproof foundation, we can advise you according to the construction or renovation work you want to do. Once you’ve made your choice, our experts keep you informed on the details of the work and make sure this work is completed in compliance with current building standards.

Here are a few examples of formwork that we’ve completed to give you an idea of what Sylca can do for you.

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