You want to expand your home but hesitate to do so? The Sylca team can help you identify various options by advising you on what can be done. The city in which you live has issued you a permit? Perfect! We can set up the project you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Whether you want to transform your current house in a bigenerational home, add a second floor or a garage, glass terrace or annexe, we can help. Given the substantial investment that expansions require, we know that you want everything to be exactly as you imagined. The result must be perfect!

Not only can our team of specialists complete the residential expansion work, but we can also recommend architectural and design professionals who will complete the plans of your future construction. You already have someone working on this part of the project? We’ll be happy to work with the resources you’ve selected!

Latest Achievements

Are you curious to see what we’re capable of? Since its creation, Sylca Construction has completed numerous home expansion projects. We’re happy to show some of them to you. Present at all stages of the project, the work was completed on time and according to code.

Expanding a basement, creating a second floor to a single-storey home or adding a garage are only some of the projects in which we were involved. See the final result for yourself!

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