This idea has been haunting your thoughts ever since you flipped through that magazine or watched that TV show on renovations? Your head is filled with projects when you look at the rooms in your house and the list of renovations to make to it keeps on growing?

Everything becomes possible with Sylca Construction! Renovating and updating a bathroom, changing doors and windows, transforming your basement into a game room, adding a staircase, modifying doorways, changing the flooring; we can keep only the framework (shell) of your house and change the rest if that’s what you want!

Our team, composed of plumbers, electricians, masons, carpenters, foremen and many others, is trustworthy and professional. We meet deadlines and keep you informed on the progress of your renovation project in detail. We aim to ensure your satisfaction and complete your work on time. We’ll also protect your environment during the work period.

You’re good with your hands and want to complete part of the work? No problem. We’ll work with you!

Latest Achievements

It’s not easy to trust a company to complete home renovations. Since 2003, Sylca has demonstrated its expertise numerous times by renovating houses, condominiums and cottages according to the tastes and specifications of its clients.

Whether it’s to renovate a kitchen, bathroom, room or basement, we’re equipped to complete your project. Since it’s important to see the results before giving your consent, here are a few renovation projects that our team has completed over the last few months.

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